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Are you researching an effective Facebook video marketing campaign? This article will give you extremely useful information about Facebook videos. Impressive Facebook video stats I’m sure the statistics below will make you realize the Facebook video is a “fertile ground” for investment. Over 4 billion views and 100 million hours watched and 500 million people … Read more

Are you researching an effective Facebook video marketing campaign? This article will give you extremely useful information about Facebook videos.

Impressive Facebook video stats

I’m sure the statistics below will make you realize the Facebook video is a “fertile ground” for investment.

Over 4 billion views and 100 million hours watched and 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day

According to statistics, every day there are about 4 billion video views on Facebook. This is a very impressive number. Especially, with such a huge number of viewers, Facebook videos are only about 1 billion views less than Youtube. Indeed, Facebook videos have had unexpected successes.

Facebook videos are limited to a maximum of 120 minutes. This also limits videos on Facebook. Video content most people choose short, moderate time content. The main purpose is to learn tips or have fun. With a number of up to 100 million hours of viewing, it is quite impressive, although this is not the main segment.

Facebook is the leading contender for video marketers with 500 million viewers. Sure, Facebook videos have a big impact on any other content creator.

The average engagement rate for video posts is 6.01%

The overall average engagement rate for Facebook posts dropped throughout 2018 to 3.91%. Out of these, Facebook video engagement statistics show that, at 6.01%, video posts score higher than other categories like photo posts (4.81%), link posts (3). .36%), and status posts (2.21%).

Facebook Live accounts for 1/5 of all video content

Facebook Live is a live broadcast tool loved by many Facebook users. Facebook live statistics show that such content already makes up about 20% of all video content on the platform.

Facebook live is loved by many users

Facebook video views by mobile 65% of total views

There are statistics that show that 95% of users use the Facebook platform on their phones mainly. So it’s no wonder that Facebook video views account for 65% of Facebook video views.

This is also a hint to help you determine which type of video to focus mainly on. Most with mobile devices, viewers choose square videos.

85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off

When we scroll to a video, the video plays without sound. Viewers only turn on the sound when it is really attracted and curious about the content of that video. Be creative and come up with an advertising plan even when the viewer does not turn on the sound.

65% of people who watch the first 3 seconds of a video, watch at least 10 seconds

This is useful information for creators. And even 45% of them will continue to watch until the 30th second. And the percentage will increase if your video attracts viewers. You can attract them by impressing them with impressive titles, effects, or openings.

Facebook video average watch time benchmark is 10 seconds

If a viewer watches a video on Facebook for at least 3 seconds, it counts as a “view”. In such a scenario, if viewers are watching 10 seconds or more of your video, it means they are consuming your content and positive sentiment as a result. If you can bring this average to the 15-second range, that means your Facebook video engagement is impressive.

Facebook videos with numbers in their titles have higher average views

This method is now used by many people. Titles with phrases like “5 things” and “6 ways” get three to four times more views. Often these are videos with tips or truths that cause pain or shock. Or you don’t need the numbers, you can also create impressive headlines.

All top Facebook videos of 2017 are in square format

This shows that watching videos on mobile devices is more common than on computers. Square (1:1) videos take up 78% more space in mobile news feeds.

In fact, nowadays, people also tend to prefer watching square videos. You can see the video in a square format that fits your phone screen for easy viewing. Besides the video content, the likes, comments, or shares of the video are also what viewers pay attention to.


How to download Facebook videos simply and with quality 4K with SnapSave.App

One of the indispensable tools to help you download super quality Facebook videos is SnapSave.

With just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Copy the video address you want to download

Step 2: Access SnapSave via the link https://snapsave.app . Paste the copied video address and press download

Search for SnapSave and experience it now

Step 3: Choose the video quality and wait for the Facebook video to download to your device.

SnapSave tool is now becoming one of the favorite Facebook video downloader tools. Not only simple, easy to search and manipulate, but also completely free.

With the ultimate download video quality up to 4K, the picture and sound quality is superb. This is definitely an indispensable tool to help you download the best quality Facebook videos


If you are moving towards advertising on Facebook, this article is definitely not to be missed. Facebook video is one of the tools that help you a lot in product promotion.

Besides, SnapSave will also be a tool to support you a lot in downloading Facebook videos.

Good luck!


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