The way to download videos from any social like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook

You are an Internet user, you want to download videos from the internet but do not know how? We have compiled all the ways to download videos from any site. If you see a video you like on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or any other top video site, you might want to make a … Read more

You are an Internet user, you want to download videos from the internet but do not know how? We have compiled all the ways to download videos from any site. If you see a video you like on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or any other top video site, you might want to make a copy so you can keep it forever.

Fortunately, downloading videos from the Internet is surprisingly easy these days. Here are the ways to download videos from any page. If you are looking for a Video downloader or any other platform’s videos then read this article!

Steps to download video with URL from any social network using video downloader

First, we will introduce some service-specific sites that specialize in one site before moving on to downloaders’ general video at the end of the article. 

1. SnapTwitter – Twitter video Downloader

SnapTwitter is a separate downloader for Twitter. It can support users too, including gif. If you are a Twitter lover then this is absolutely a great tool.

Although many other tools also support downloading Twitter with the video quality, fast speed, and safety level, SnapTwitter is at the top. Therefore, if you still have not found a suitable tool, SnapTwitter is the right choice for you to Twitter video download.

2. SnapInsta – Instagram Downloader

Wondering which is the best  Instagram downloader we want to mention? The answer is very simple. It’s SnapInsta. 

You can download an Instagram post in just a few simple steps by taking the video URL and pasting it into the SnapInsta website and then downloading it.

Not only does it support downloading Instagram posts, SnapInsta also helps you download photos, videos, Reel, IGTV with just a few quick clicks. That way, you don’t have to use too many tools and remember too many steps and ways to download what you need on Instagram.

3. SnapSave – Facebook Downloader

SnapSave.App is a video download support tool founded by talented Indonesian IT engineers. This application supports many formats, especially allowing you to download Facebook videos in full HD, 4K with sound while most other tools can only help you download Facebook videos in HD quality. The software is easy to use and completely free, so this is the most suitable choice for you who are in need of downloading video or audio from Facebook videos.

4. Tikmate.Online – Tiktok Downloader

Tikmate.Online is a popular website for effectively removing TikTok watermarks. It provides exceptional performance and meets the needs of any user. You can completely download video TikTok with no watermark using this website.

5. SnapTik.App – Tiktok Video Download

This is an app to download videos from TikTok. Of course with this, it will be very easy and help you to get TikTok videos and publish them on other social media.

6. SaveFrom

SaveFrom is a YouTube downloader, but it also has a difference from other downloaders that support YouTube downloads. If you’re watching content online and want to save it, just type “ss” before “YouTube” in the URL and it will download automatically. It’s a web trick to download videos.

7. FB Down

FB Down is an effective tool to download Facebook videos. It also comes with a Chrome extension, so you don’t have to leave the social network’s homepage if you find something you want to save.

8. FB private

Down Private FB Down Private is a small part of FB Down. However, it deserves a mention. This app allows you to record videos from accounts that the user has set as private, even if you can’t watch the video on Facebook.

To download a private video, you need to go to the video’s Facebook page, press CTRL + U to view the source code, and then paste the code into FB Down Private.

9. KeepVid 

KeepVid is a downloader that supports up to 28 websites. Includes educational resources like Lynda, news sites like ABC and NBC, and popular entertainment sites like Ebaumsworld and Break. If you want to download Twitter videos then this tool can also.

With this site, you can download videos with URLs from any site. All you need to do is copy and paste your link on the website, you can choose to save the downloaded file in over 150 different formats.

10. Videograbby – Download Video Website

VideoGrabby is another web application used by many people. It also allows you to download videos from the Internet. And it is compatible with most popular video websites. Just paste the link into it and hit Go.

11. YooDownload – Private Vimeo video download

YooDownload is another competitor of KeepVid and VideoGrabby. It works well when downloading Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram,, and SoundCloud videos.

12. ClipConverter

ClipConverter can download videos from almost any website. You can even record videos from the world’s most successful social network, MySpace with ClipConverter!

The developers have provided an add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. That’s why it’s also an ideal way to download videos from any site.

13. 9xbuddy

Finally, I would like to recommend 9xbuddy, another great website. It can help you to download private videos from Youtube,, Twitter, Facebook, and another long website.

Downloading Internet Videos with a Desktop Application

Sometimes it is better to use a desktop application than a web application. They can provide features that web applications cannot. And these are the best desktop apps for downloading videos from the Internet.

14. VLC Media Player

VLC does more than just download videos. The beauty of using VLC is that many users will have it pre-installed on their machines and without the need for third-party applications.

15. Video Grabber

Video Grabber is an application with three main features: download video, convert video, and record screen. Although it looks like a web application at first, it is a desktop program.

The screen recording function can be useful in certain situations. Therefore, it is also a great choice to use.


FLVTO has a web app and a desktop version. The desktop version allows you to organize videos for download from multiple sources and automatically download new videos as they become available.


The article has given the best methods to download all the videos on the Internet including an effective way for Twitter video download. If you are looking to download any videos on the Internet then apply them. I am sure you will be surprised by the results you get. Good luck.



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